My name is Aria, but you may call me by my full title: Your Highness, Princess of the Pillow Forts, Cookie Monster (Supreme), Royal Advisor of the Noble Court of Fanfiction.
I can read a million books in a year, because I am, of course, absolutely flawless. I am the queen of fantasy and science fiction. The princess of the realm to the east, Lady Jenny, could confirm this for you.
I love math, because I am far superior to the mere peasants that frequent this web domain.
One day, Lady Katrina to the west and Lady Jenny to the east will join together with me in our creation of a bakery/coffee shop/bookstore. Until then, I shall preside over this blog with utter dignity and grace.

(Or, you know, not. I’m Aria.)
-Written by Princess Jenny, former Court Jester of the Math Court.

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